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Criminal Defense FAQs

Q: Although I Have Not Yet Been Arrested And Charged, It Looks Like A Strong Possibility. When Should I Contact An Attorney?

A:  As a Person of Interest, your case is in Investigation status. You need to hire an experienced attorney for damage control immediately. The Police and investigators are looking for anything of benefit to the prosecution to press their case.

Your best move is to hire the Right Attorney to keep the situation under control. Our Lead Attorney Jerrold Bodow is a former prosecutor who understands the complexities and strategies that are used against you and will step in to protect your freedom before things go sideways.

Q: What Happens When I Am Arrested?

A: You will likely be handcuffed and taken to jail. There, you will be Booked and your personal belongings confiscated. You are fingerprinted and your mug shots are taken and entered into a nationwide Database.

Q: The Police Demand I Tell Them What Happened. How Do I Handle That?

A:  IT IS ENTIRELY IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO REMAIN SILENT. This means no talking to ANYONE in jail with you or to friends, co-workers, or bystanders. Especially NOT to the Police or Prosecution Investigators.

DO NOT WAIT FOR YOUR MIRANDA RIGHTS TO BE READ TO YOU. TALK TO NO ONE about your case, even in passing, because it can and will be used against you.

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