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Personal Injury FAQs

Q: I Was Involved In An Auto Accident, What Should I Know, What Should I Do?

A: If you have left the accident scene, via ambulance or other wise, call the Coastal Legal Center right away. We may be able to get scene photos as soon as possible. These evidence photos are often vital and important.

If you are still at the scene, preserve it with photos, lots of photos. If a car accident, get pictures of all vehicles involved, the people involved, the street scene, including skid marks, debris, etc.

Make no statement as to your own liability. Do not say, “It was my fault”. After analysis, it may turn out to be someone else’s fault. In a recent case, our client was accused of being at fault by the police, on television news, in an accident where she was killed. Our team of attorneys and investigators were able to reconstruct the accident scene, prove that she was not at fault, and arrive at a $1,000,000 settlement for her family.

If you are injured, do not hesitate to seek medical attention immediately. If you cannot afford treatment, Coastal

Legal Center attorneys may be able to arrange for medical treatment with doctors who will wait for payment until your case is settled.

Call Coastal Legal Center as soon as possible for a no obligation free consultation.

Q:  I Was Hurt In An Accident On Someone Else’s Property, Such As A Trip And Fall Or Slip And Fall. What Should I Do?

A: Document the accident: If it was on commercial premises, such as a grocery store, tell them you want to make a report. If there is evidence such as a wet area, ask them to take a picture before they mop it up. If there was a bottle of something spilled, ask them to keep the bottle or give it to you.

Get the names of store personnel and witnesses ASAP: If you tripped over something like torn up or uprooted driveway or sidewalk, have someone take pictures of the place. Use a ruler to show the difference in elevation, such as a 2-inch lift or a 3- inch crack. Take pictures of the ruler overlaying the problem area. Often, property owners get these problems repaired soon after an accident is reported, making it impossible to later preserve the evidence.

Call Coastal Legal Center as soon as possible to make sure your rights are protected. If you have medical bills outstanding, we can often negotiate with the hospital or other provider to wait for their payment until the case is resolved. We can often negotiate a reduction of those bills, saving you thousands of dollars.

Q: Have You Successfully Settled Cases Like Mine?

A: Most likely very much like yours. We have successfully settled thousands of personal injury cases, each one individual but sharing some similarities (such as a rear end auto accident). At Coastal Legal Center, we represent people injured in accidents caused by someone else.

Typically, these are vehicular accident cases (cars, motorcycles, trucks, pedestrian); premises liability cases also known as slip and fall or trip and fall cases; or, in the worst-case situation, when someone was killed (wrongful death), where the deceased’s family may be entitled to compensation for the death of their relative.

Coastal Legal Center has extensive experience handling the full range of cases involving catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death. We are able to offer you superior representation by staying abreast of trends and changes in the legal field and by constantly updating our skills and knowledge. Our attorneys are willing to consider any case involving serious personal injury or wrongful death, even those not specifically listed on our website. If you have been seriously injured or have lost someone you love, and you feel that someone else’s negligence was responsible for your damages, Coastal Legal Center would be pleased to evaluate your case at a free initial consultation.

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