An Overview Of Drug Charges

The situations where police make arrests are endless. Sometimes the arrests and searches are legal, BUT sometimes they conduct illegal searches, and lie about the facts to make the report sound as though it were a legal search. You risk losing your job, your school loan, and your reputation. You are sleeping poorly, and your family is on your back. There is a lot of your stress in not knowing what’s going to happen. COASTAL LEGAL CENTER attorneys have a strong advantage that works in your favor:

  • With years of experience battling the D.A who is prosecuting you;
  • Knowledge of the judge you will appear in front of;
  • Familiarity with the arresting cop’s reputation for truth and honesty, or lying and making false reports.

We have great familiarity with the very people who want to take away your freedoms. We understand their tactics, strategies, and ploys. Even with California’s decriminalization of possession of marijuana for medical reasons, drug cases, in general, have NOT become less serious. Cases involving even small amounts of illegally possessed drugs can result in a felony conviction.

Charges of possession for sale and/or transportation carry heavy prison sentences. Under California’s three strikes policy, repeat offenses of certain drug charges could potentially result in life imprisonment. Coastal Legal Center’s attorneys have 35 years of experience providing confidential representation to people charged with drug crimes ranging from simple possession to cultivation, sales, and conspiracy, both in state and federal district courts.

Over the years penalties for possession of certain kinds of drugs, drug trafficking, and drug manufacturing have steadily increased. Only recently, through “realignment,” have judges been given more leeway to create sentences that look toward rehabilitation rather than solely toward punishment by time in prison or jail. Although the state’s medical marijuana “safe harbor” laws provide for possession and distribution of marijuana in specified ways, both the United States Attorney and the San Diego District Attorney will vigorously prosecute any possession or sales of marijuana outside of this narrow exception. Lead Attorney Jerrold Bodow can effectively keep clients in their jobs, in the military and out of custody.

For drugs other than marijuana, the prosecutions are still vigorous. Trial may be the best way to bring the case to an end. But statistics show over 90% of all cases are settled prior to trial. With diversion programs and drug court, a strong, knowledgeable attorney can help you out a “side-door” and away from a criminal record. Your smartest move is to hire an experienced trial lawyer, an expert, and knowledgeable negotiator. Take the pressure off. Call for a free interview.

We are available by phone or meeting to review your case. We will plan exactly how to proceed for your best possible outcome.

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