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Intentional Torts Through Civil Courts

Although most intention torts go through the criminal courts because it was done with intent to harm another person, some intentional torts, depending on the circumstance, can end with a personal injury claim in a civil court. The types of intentional damages that can be done are not only property or physical damages, but it also includes value diminutions and damage to someone’s reputation. How is an intentional tort defined through the criminal justice system? This article will speak about that. How to differentiate Intent vs. Negligence Torts derive from negligence, but intentional torts consist of an intent to do… Read More →

California’s Elder Abuse Laws: What You Need to Know

Elder abuse is a not something that usually gets much attention or reported by the media. Often times, when elder abuse occurs, the older and dependent individual is left to fend for him or herself or at the mercy of good-hearted individuals or organizations. Reporting is not something the victim initiates because they are often unaware that an abuse has occurred and neither are they aware that they can do something about it.  Some websites such as Domestic Violence Law have information about elder abuse but not every victim has access to such resources.  Elders who are victims of abuse… Read More →

Can an Understaffed Emergency Room Be the Cause for Medical Malpractice?

When hospitals do not have enough employees, especially emergency room departments, a patient runs the risk of becoming injured. When there are not enough employees, an employee has to the job of three others, which is impossible because it is a job that requires three people to begin with. With the stress that emergency rooms bring, plus the lack of staff, grave mistakes can occur. People who are going to the emergency room must have an emergency, right? Many times, they do, but there are also people who visit the emergency room because they might not have money to visit… Read More →

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