Most Common Contributors to California Car Crashes

The unfortunate truth is that hundreds of thousands of motor vehicle collisions take place in the state of California each and every year. While distracted driving has become an increasingly common contributor to the high rate of crashes across the state, speeding has played a role in at least one-third of all traffic accident deaths for over twenty years. Of course, distracted driving and speeding are not the only factors to consider while looking at the most frequent causes of car accidents in California.

Leading Causes of California Collisions

As mentioned above, distracted driving has most recently become one of the top three causes of California car accidents. Nearly every single motorist in California, like anywhere else in the country, now has a smartphone or other technological device with them in their vehicle. Actions such as talking, texting, and browsing social media can feel like relatively innocent actions behind the wheel but as most people now understand, even the slightest distraction from the road can quickly result in a serious collision. Across the country, distracted driving was responsible for 8.5% of fatal car accidents last year, and approximately 391,000 injured drivers in 2017.

Most Common Contributors to California Car Crashes

Authorities with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have reported that 27 percent of all automobile accident fatalities in 2016 involved and were often directly caused by, high speeds. Speeding has long been a top contributor to the frequency of California car accidents, so such statistics may not come as a surprise to many people. Likewise, the third leading cause of collisions is impaired driving, which is currently responsible for just over 25 percent of car accident fatalities. The highest rate of deaths triggered by alcohol-related accidents in California most recently came in 2014 after a total of 900 people died during collisions with impaired drivers.

The most common form of impaired driving has long been due to alcohol, however, it has become more and more relevant to understand that impaired motorists can also be under the influence of prescription drugs or illegal narcotics, and often are. Nevertheless, the most important thing to know is that if you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident caused by an impaired driver, distracted driver, or any other negligent party, you have substantial rights that must be protected. Contacting a highly skilled California personal injury attorney is the essential first step forward. The right attorney understands the sensitive nature of what can be a terribly overwhelming time, and perhaps more importantly, they know exactly how to begin fighting for the rights of you and your loved ones.

California Personal Injury Attorney

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