Administrative Discharge Board (Article 15 UCMJ)

court-martial-book-evidence-narrow-250x114An Administrative Discharge is the military’s way to get rid of you when a court-martial is not warranted, such as when you test positive for drugs (hot urine test) or fail to follow orders.

A drug charge calls for mandatory processing, not mandatory discharge. Fight it when you are sent to an Administrative Discharge Board. Fight it when your charges are sent to the Administrative Board.

We have won hot urine test (popped positive) charges on many occasions, saving our clients’ military careers. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling these boards. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the UCMJ, the applicable procedural rules, and case law which defines just how far your command and the criminal investigative services can go to get a conviction.

Facing Admin Discharge?

You have a Due Process right to a hearing to determine if you will be retained or discharged from the military. Potential consequences imposed by the administrative board may include:

  • General under honorable conditions
  • Other Than Honorable (OTH) discharge
  • Loss of benefits
  • Other consequences

The Convening Authority can make certain changes to the board’s determinations.

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If you believe you are being investigated relative to a potential court martial or Administrative Discharge proceeding—keep your mouth shut! Under the military Miranda and Booker rights (Article 31b), you have a right to remain silent – USE IT!

Your command, investigators and NCIS are not asking questions because they like you.

Your command can ruin your military career. If you are asked to sign an Article 31b waiver – don’t sign it! Call Coastal Legal Center at 619-984-5992 before making ANY statements.