California Cities with Highest Violent Crime Rates

California Cities with Highest Violent Crime Rates

In the largest state in the country, it may come as no surprise to know that California has numerous cities where high rates of violent crimes are reported each and every day. While the following information is meant to shine a light on some of the most dangerous areas throughout the state, it is important to keep in mind that not every reported crime is substantiated. Furthermore, not every person who is accused of violent crime in California is guilty. Before moving on, however, let’s first understand what the state of California considers a violent crime.

Defining Violent Crimes in California

The broad definition of a violent crime is pretty straightforward. Any illegal action that imposes a physical threat onto another person may likely be considered a violent crime not only in California but anywhere else in the United States. Nevertheless, there are certainly gray areas where a threat was not actually intended or a suspect was wrongfully accused of a crime. In fact, California penal code 148.5 strictly prohibits any person from making such a false accusation, although that certainly does not mean that it still does not happen all the time.

California Cities with Highest Violent Crime Rates

Examples of crimes that constitute a violent crime in California are actions such as homicide, murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, domestic violence, aggravated assault, assault and battery, arson, hate crimes, and terrorism. These crimes might be obvious to some but what is more important can be understanding the grounds for one’s actions to be considered a violent crime. Not every violent crime reported in California meets the criteria for such, and it is always best to contact a California criminal defense attorney when facing any serious charges.

Most Dangerous Cities in California

With the foundation for knowing what warrants a violent crime put into place, it is certainly beneficial for Californians to know which cities in The Golden State have been considered the most dangerous. The 10 most dangerous cities in California with a population of 5,000 or more, as confirmed by FBI data, in alphabetical order, are as follows:

  • Barstow
  • Commerce
  • Emeryville
  • Eureka
  • Oakland
  • Red Bluff
  • San Bernardino
  • Santa Monica
  • Signal Hill
  • West Hollywood

It is crucial to understand that this information is no way meant to stir fear into the hearts of those who reside in the aforementioned locations. Simply put, it is perhaps important to know which cities have the highest rates of reported violent crimes in California to keep potential victims aware of their surroundings, as well as to let those who have been falsely accused know that they are not alone. No matter what, if you have found yourself accused of a violent crime that you did not commit, your first step forward is to contact a qualified and compassionate violent crimes defense attorney as soon as possible.

Violent Crimes Defense Attorney in California

At Coastal Legal Center, we are exceedingly dedicated to our fellow citizens in the state of California, and we believe that each and every individual warrants the basic right to the presumption of innocence. We work steadfastly on behalf of our clients to ensure the most effective outcome possible. If you have found yourself falsely accused of violent crime in California, please don’t hesitate to begin protecting yourself today by calling 619-231-0724 to schedule a free consultation.