California Involuntary Manslaughter Defense Options

California Involuntary Manslaughter Defense Options

It really is difficult to imagine a much more serious crime than one that involves the sudden loss of life. When a person is tragically killed by any means, it quickly becomes a highly emotional time for all those involved, and in many cases, for entire communities. While no one can argue homicide charges in California, or anywhere else, should not be taken seriously, it is also important to remember the rights of those involved. In many instances, death can occur for reasons that are not necessarily the fault of the accused, and the presumption of innocence must be honored, particularly when considering defense strategies for involuntary murder charges in California.

Involuntary Manslaughter Law in California

Under Penal Code 192b PC, the state of California has a very specific definition for the crime of involuntary manslaughter. The law defines such an action as the unintentional killing of another individual while committing either a hazardous lawful act or a crime that is not inherently dangerous. The separation between homicide and involuntary homicide, as any qualified California homicide defense attorney can tell you, is the action of malicious intent.

California Involuntary Murder Defense Options

The law covers any crime that is committed which accidentally resulted in the death of another person. The law does not cover, however, any fatality involving a motor vehicle, as such a crime is covered under the vehicular manslaughter laws in California. If the case is a matter of involuntary manslaughter, then it is considered a felony and it comes with two common penalties. If convicted, the accused may likely face up to four years in prison, as well as a financial penalty of up to $10,000. If you have been accused of involuntary manslaughter in California, your next step is to begin exploring all of your possible defense strategies.

California Criminal Defense Strategies for an Involuntary Manslaughter Charge

In many cases, a person accused of involuntary manslaughter was acting in self-defense or in defense of others. If that is the truth, then that is obviously the best defense strategy, moving forward. In many other instances, a loss of life may have been the result of a pure and simple accident in which the accused was not intending to cause harm or commit any crime at all. However, this strategy may likely depend largely upon the ability to provide evidence of an accident.

While speaking of evidence, another common criminal defense in California relies on the absolute lack of such. If there is no way to prove the guilt of the accused, then the presumption of innocence must be preserved. One last common defense, which may happen less often but is relevant nonetheless, is in the case where a person has been falsely accused. No matter which truth may fit your specific case, the first and foremost step is to obtain a highly skilled California criminal defense attorney before doing anything else.

California Criminal Defense Attorneys

At Coastal Legal Center, we are dedicated to our fellow citizens of California, and we firmly believe that each and every person warrants the basic right to the presumption of innocence. We work on behalf of our clients to ensure the most effective outcome possible to prevent otherwise good people from traveling down the long dark path through a complicated criminal justice system. If you have found yourself charged with involuntary manslaughter in California, please don’t hesitate to call 619-231-0724 and schedule a free consultation today.