Consequences of Driving Under the Influence in California

Consequences of Driving Under the Influence in California

Driving under the influence is a serious offense which can have life-altering effects. If you ever find yourself in a position where you may be charged or have been charged with a DUI offense in the San Diego area, you need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to be a zealous advocate on your behalf. The American criminal justice system can be unforgiving, and a youthful transgression may come back to haunt you and tarnish your reputation for the rest of your life.

Ramifications of a DUI in San Diego

Even a first time DUI offense in San Diego can have very serious consequences for individuals who are convicted.

Drivers license revocation: If you are convicted of a DUI charge, your driver’s license may be revoked for a period of two years for a first-time offender and even longer if you have a consistent track record of violations. This punishment can severely destabilize your ability to work, as well as perform daily familial and social obligations. Despite the robust public transportation system of the San Diego area, losing your driver’s license can be a major setback.

Employment: Having a DUI conviction may adversely affect your ability to gain and subsequently keep long-term, stable employment. Most employers run a background check for criminal history and the discovery of a DUI conviction may cost you valuable employment opportunities in the present and future. Even if the offense is far behind you, the mere sight of it on your permanent record may dissuade employers from hiring you despite your education level or talent.

Auto Insurance: If you have a DUI charge pending or have been convicted but still retain your driving privileges, this will greatly impact your insurance rates. Your insurance company will most likely raise your rates substantially in the event of an incident. In the most extreme cases, they may decide to drop you from their network. Increased insurance rates could have devastating effects on your monthly budget and may force you to forego other financial priorities in order to maintain an insured vehicle. If you are forced to find another insurance carrier, your search may be exacerbated and quotes will exceed normal rates.

Interpersonal Relationships: The social stigma of having a DUI charge or conviction can be devastating. Friends and family may alienate you, keep you away from younger members of your social group, and avoid being a passenger in your vehicle. If you are forced to install a breathalyzer device in your car, the effects are equally disconcerting.

The Importance of Legal Counsel after a DUI 

Acquiring a quality and experienced criminal defense attorney is absolutely critical to preventing potentially life-ruining consequences. There is a myriad of defenses that experienced counsel can utilize to keep you free of charges. The prevention of substantial harm known as necessity may grant you some dispensation. If not getting home may prevent you from being present for work or other duties, this may keep you from being charged or convicted. Duress or the prevention of great bodily harm or death is an exception. If you are attempting to avoid a potentially life-threatening situation then this can also serve as a defense against criminal charges.

Most importantly, an experienced criminal defense attorney can utilize expert analysis can find ineffective administration of alcohol blood tests, breathalyzer tests, improper stops, and many law enforcement procedures to ensure that your rights are not ignored. If you are in danger of a DUI charge or conviction in the San Diego Area do not hesitate to call the Coastal Legal Center in San Diego, California. Call toll-free for a free consultation:  (619) 231-0724.