Discussing Attempted Murder in San Diego

Discussing Attempted Murder in San Diego

Attempted murder is defined as an unsuccessful or incomplete act of taking another person’s life. Although the charges for attempted murder may feel less than a California homicide charge, the sentences imposed are often extremely similar as both charges can quickly end with life imprisonment. However, there are essential steps or thresholds that must be crossed in order to qualify a person’s actions for attempted murder charges in California. Taking a look into the specific elements of exactly what constitutes an attempted murder charge can greatly assist you as you begin mounting a California criminal defense.

Elements of an Attempted Murder Charge

There are generally two similar but different elements to every attempted murder charge in California. The first is when a person has taken some sort of action towards killing another individual. The second is in the event that a person’s actions were intended to kill another person. While these elements are very similar, there are differences in which anyone facing an attempted murder charge should be aware.

Discussing Attempted Murder in San Diego

Altogether, these two elements generally work together in a case against the offender, and the most significant part is geared toward whether or not there was a direct act or an intent to kill. A direct act is proven when it is shown that the offender used a weapon against another person or otherwise inflicted serious wounds meant to kill. The intention may also be shown in the form of soliciting by way of hiring another person to commit murder. In California, like anywhere else in the U.S., attempted murder charges are taken very seriously and finding a qualified criminal defense lawyer who understands the variances is your first step toward protecting yourself.

The Steps of an Incomplete Crime

The first step is when one person gets the idea to kill another. The second step is deciding whether or not to proceed, and the third is the final decision to do so. Of course, thoughts are not illegal, so the first three steps are not punishable. The fourth step is when the evidence against a person kicks in, however, as this step includes the action of purchasing weapons or otherwise preparing to commit the crime. The fifth step is beginning the crime and the last step is finishing it. Prosecutors in California will look to add these steps together to show that you intentionally planned and tried to take someone’s life.

California Criminal Defense Attorney

When facing such a serious charge, it is extremely important to consider all possible defense strategies. Whether you are now or may have been permanently or temporarily mentally unfit, falsely accused, or simply did not intend to kill, there are often many ways to defend against attempted murder charges.

At Coastal Legal Center, we are proud to work on behalf of those who have been wrongfully charged with a serious crime or who have honestly made a terrible mistake. We believe that the fight for justice is a noble one and one that must never be used against an innocent person. If you have been accused of attempted murder, homicide, or other violent crime in California, please don’t hesitate to call 619-231-0724 and schedule a free consultation today.