Facing the Consequences of a California DUI Charge

Facing the Consequences of a California DUI Charge

To be fair, we have all made mistakes in our lives. While some are worse than others, there is no denying that many otherwise good people have made poor decisions that can result in serious, sometimes life-changing, consequences. Often, there is no better example of this than when one finds themselves facing a DUI charge. The penalties of a DUI in California can be overwhelming and detrimental, and knowing exactly what you’re up against is of the utmost importance moving forward.

Exploring the Possible Outcomes

For now, we are going to run with the idea that your case is cut and dry, so to speak. Assuming that you were pulled over while at least somewhat intoxicated and subsequently placed under arrest, the path ahead may still take some unexpected turns. Although a California criminal defense attorney will explain these outcomes to you clearly, it can certainly help to stay ahead of the curve.

Facing the Consequences of a California DUI Charge

For a first time DUI charge, there are four basic penalties in your near future. The first of which is entirely unavoidable is fines. In California, you can expect to pay somewhere between $300 and $1,000 for the initial fine alone. The steepness of the fine may depend on the seriousness of the offense and thousands more might be expected to accumulate in the form of additional penalty assessments. This is the first thing you should prepare for at such a time.

Second, the other unavoidable consequence is license suspension. The only exception to this would be in the event that your blood-alcohol level was below 0.08% at the time of your arrest. If you were administered a breathalyzer and proved to be below this percentage, you may likely have a good chance of escaping serious penalties.

Lastly, there is the glaring issue of incarceration versus probation. For a first offense, a judge might insist on nothing more than a five-year probationary period. Probation is typically reserved for first-time offenders, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. Albeit, there is always the chance that a judge will impose jail time, in which case, you could be facing anywhere between two days and six months behind bars.

Additional Penalties

Besides the aforementioned series of consequences, it will serve you to prepare for additional fines, as well as hours of DUI courses, possible community service, and the like. It is important to further prepare for the possibility that the court will require you to either purchase a vehicle with or install an ignition interlock device before you can drive. Unfortunately, these devices are commonly fraught with problems and triggered by other sources than alcohol. Obtaining an experienced California DUI defense attorney can help you avoid this commonly problematic requirement.

California DUI Defense Attorney

Because of the fact that each California DUI case is often unique, a qualified attorney will have to elaborate on the specifics of your individual situation. At Coastal Legal Center, we are proud of our ability to assist our fellow residents who are facing criminal charges in California. We believe that a simple mistake should not send you down a dark path into a difficult and often overwhelming criminal justice system. If you have been charged with DUI in California, don’t hesitate to call 619-231-0724 to schedule a free consultation today.