Men Or Women: Who Is The Most Common Instigator In Domestic Violence Cases?

Men Or Women: Who Is The Most Common Instigator In Domestic Violence Cases?

According to statistics easily found on the internet and in the websites of legitimate organizations and even those from the government, it is mostly the women who fall victims to domestic violence crimes. However, people also accept the fact that men who fall victims to domestic violence do not usually report this cases and are hesitant to label themselves as victims in order to maintain a manly image. They also fear of being humiliated and ridiculed by the society. Unfortunately, even in today’s modern world, men have to maintain an image that is set by the society – an image of a strong and powerful person. These reasons prevent men from reporting cases of domestic violence.

What the Number Says

According to statistics from the CDC, 24% of relationships have in one point experienced some type and level of violence. In these violent relationships, half of it is mutual, meaning the man and woman are both or have been both violent in the relationship. The other half of these violent relationships, only one of the people in the relationship exerts violent attitude towards the other. In these one-way violent relationships, it has been found out that 70% of the time, it is the women who start the violent fight but they are the ones who usually suffer injuries.

Information from this website suggests that in relationships wherein both partners shows violent attribute, it has been established that it is the women who will most likely be violent again in future relationships compared to men. Men’s violent attributes are usually a one-time episode and not repeated in future relationships.

Furthermore, a study in 2006 shows that 23% of minor aggression in relationships of cohabiting couples were initiated by men while women initiate minor aggression in fights almost 34% of the time. In this same study, it was found out that women’s reason for the aggressive behavior is a man’s verbal aggression while men’s reason for the said aggrieve behavior is the women’s aggressive actions.

What the Statistic Say

Though it is widely known and accepted in the society that it is usually the women who are victimized in domestic violence cases, there is actually more to the story than what is known. For example, it is also widely known that men do not usually report when they become a victim of domestic violence. So it is safe to say that both men and women can become victims of domestic violence and both men and women can become abusers.

The statistics do not the whole story but it is safe to say that in domestic violence cases, not all men accused are guilty and that self-defense in domestic violence case is a possible defense. Though some people find it incredulous that a person could claim such a defense in domestic violence, statistics can back up the claim. Based on the statistics above, the women usually instigate the fights but they are also the ones who are usually injured, making an investigator inclined to believe that the women are the victims.

If you have been falsely charged with a domestic violence case, an expert domestic violence lawyer can help you find a strong defense.

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