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San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys – An Overview Of Personal Injury

San Diego personal injury attorneysWhen someone accidentally injures you the law provides that you are entitled to money for your losses.

Wherever an accident occurs–in a car, a store or elsewhere—your injuries can bring an abrupt change to your life, even permanent disability.

In the death of a family member, the family may be entitled to money for the loss of their loved one.

If you or a loved one has recently had an accident resulting in death or injury in California, call upon us to assist you and recover all you deserve. With 35 years of legal experience representing accident victims, Jerry Bodow knows how to help you.


Mr. Bodow, lead attorney at Coastal Legal Center, has extensive experience handling the full range of cases involving catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death. He is considered one of the best San Diego personal injury attorneys.

If you’ve had an accident involving serious injury or wrongful death, call us toll-free at (858) 848-5290 to consult with the best personal injury lawyer in San Diego, CA.

We will evaluate your case at no charge and give you your legal options.

We answer these questions every day:

Call us for answers to your personal injury questions. Toll-free at (858) 848-5290

Some of the Personal Injury Cases We Handle:

Jerrold Bodow Esq.

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