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San Diego, CA - Injury DUI Collision on Euclid Ave

Penalties for a DUI that Results in Injury or Death in California

It is, unfortunately, true that hundreds, even thousands of serious motor vehicle accidents are reported throughout the state of California each and every year. In many cases, these collisions are caused by the actions of intoxicated drivers with 1,059 drunk driving-related fatalities reported in 2016, alone. As tragic as these types of accidents are, there are often various factors [...]

San Diego, CA - Injury DUI Collision on Euclid Ave

Facing the Consequences of a California DUI Charge

To be fair, we have all made mistakes in our lives. While some are worse than others, there is no denying that many otherwise good people have made poor decisions that can result in serious, sometimes life-changing, consequences. Often, there is no better example of this than when one finds themselves facing a DUI charge. The penalties of a [...]