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When a Fight Becomes Assault and Battery

When a Fight Becomes Assault and Battery

Becoming engaged in a physical altercation is a risky debacle. Physical violence can happen in an instant, and at times, you may not have a choice but to become a part of such a situation. If you feel that you are threatened, you have every legal right to prevent bodily harm from coming to yourself or a loved one. [...]

Your Legal Options for a California Juvenile Crimes Defense

Types of Pleas in Criminal Cases

Having criminal charges levied against you can be emotionally and financially draining. In a criminal case, the government brings to bear all of its resources to ensure that you are punished in a court of law. Conveying your innocence and protecting your rights is the job of your counsel. Despite the intimidating nature of this situation, you do have [...]

Alcohol Abuse and Criminal Charges Among 12 to 20-Year-Olds in California

Penalties and Defenses and Against an MIP

A minor in possession offense can be devasting to the life of a young person and the lives of their families. Having such early exposure to the criminal justice system can create lifelong financial, social, and mental hardships. If you or someone you know is facing a minor in possession charge in the San Diego area, you need to [...]

Consequences of a Minor in Possession Charge

Consequences of a Minor in Possession Charge

Being charged with possession of an illicit substance as a minor is a frightening situation that may have life-altering effects. At the beginning of your encounter with the criminal justice system, it is important to retain effective legal counsel to minimize damage to your reputation, social life, and permanent record. Being a minor in possession of alcohol is a [...]

San Diego, CA - Speeding Crash with Injuries on Balboa Ave

A Guide to Sentencing Enhancements in California

Being accused and/or convicted of a crime is a very serious and life-altering experience. In the State of California, criminal offenses carry a series of protocols or enhancements that can result in a harsher punishment if proven in a court of law. Sentencing enhancements, also known as aggravating factors, allow a judge, upon the discovery of additional inculpatory evidence, [...]

Making a Claim for Wrongful Death in San Diego

Defense of Sexual Offenses

Being charged with a sexual assault or any other sex-related offense is a serious matter. Confronting a sex-based crime is an incredibly difficult process for all parties involved, it can put an immense strain on your psychological health, social relationships, and financial stability. If you have been charged with a sexual offense of any kind in the San Diego [...]

San Diego, CA - Injury Crash at Clairemont Dr & Ute Dr

Search and Seizure in California

The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution affirms your right to privacy and defends you from unlawful search and seizure by members of law enforcement. There are specific protocols that police must follow in order to search your residence, vehicle, and person; it is absolutely critical that you know your rights as a citizen. If you are in [...]