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When a Fight Becomes Assault and Battery

When a Fight Becomes Assault and Battery

Becoming engaged in a physical altercation is a risky debacle. Physical violence can happen in an instant, and at times, you may not have a choice but to become a part of such a situation. If you feel that you are threatened, you have every legal right to prevent bodily harm from coming to yourself or a loved one. However, there is a point where a fist fight can transform from a simple disagreement to a criminal offense. If you have been charged with criminal battery as the result of a fight in the San Diego area, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to preserve your freedom.   Legal Definition of Assault An assault is legally classified as a situation in which an individual commits an intentional act that causes another to fear that they are about to suffer physical harm. You do not have to make physical contact with another person [...]

Your Legal Options for a California Juvenile Crimes Defense

Types of Pleas in Criminal Cases

Having criminal charges levied against you can be emotionally and financially draining. In a criminal case, the government brings to bear all of its resources to ensure that you are punished in a court of law. Conveying your innocence and protecting your rights is the job of your counsel. Despite the intimidating nature of this situation, you do have recourse. There are three primary pleas that a defendant can make to put themselves in the best possible situation when facing criminal charges. It is absolutely critical that a skilled criminal defense attorney be present when dealing with this situation.   Types of Pleas in Criminal Cases There are three primary plea types in U.S. criminal court.   Guilty: This is the complete admission of all guilt in relation to all of the charges against you. This plea formally waives all rights in relation to charges, such as the right to appeal, a [...]