Understanding Vehicular Homicide Defense in California

Understanding Vehicular Homicide Defense in California

The word “homicide” carries extremely negative connotations along with it and for very good reason. As defined by law, an act of homicide occurs when one person takes another person’s life, and it is often difficult to imagine a more horrendous crime. Of course, not all homicides are committed with intent, particularly those which are caused by an intoxicated driver. The factors that go into each case can be numerous, generally requiring the knowledge of a highly skilled and qualified California criminal defense attorney.

Mens Rea

Understanding Vehicular Homicide Defense in California

For a defendant to be convicted of homicide, the prosecution must be able to establish an intent to kill, or mens rea. Individuals who have accidentally killed another person while driving under the influence will typically face the lesser charge of vehicular manslaughter, granted that they have never been convicted of a DUI. Nowadays, however, once a person has a DUI or similar charge on their record in California, they are then apprised of the dangers of drinking and driving and may then be charged with murder in the event that they cause a fatal crash after a previous conviction.

The notification given to an individual after a DUI now constitutes a state of mind, and in turn, becomes intent in a court of law. Most often, those who engage in reckless actions, such as drinking and driving, are not intent on killing someone else. When these tragic incidents occur, no one may be considered the victor and the loved ones of the deceased will rightfully demand justice. Hiring a compassionate California criminal defense attorney can quickly become your only way of assuring that you do not get thrown into a life-long sentence with intentional killers.

The Right Homicide Defense Attorney

Yes, a large portion of hardened killers in the prison system deserve to be there and there’s no arguing on behalf of those individuals. However, the laws surrounding homicide are made to bring justice and restitution for victims, and each charge remains generalized. A skilled California criminal defense lawyer will be able to work through the unique details of your case and likely prove that you do not deserve to be locked away for life.

A knowledgeable and experienced attorney understands that those who have unintentionally caused the death of another person are already overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, and tremendous amounts of guilt and remorse. While the odds may not be stacked in favor of the defendant, it is important to understand that you still have rights. A qualified criminal defense lawyer in California can at least alleviate your stress and assist you along the commonly problematic path moving forward.

At Coastal Legal Center, our criminal defense attorneys are passionate about gathering the facts and evidence that is needed to build a strong case. We recognize the anguish of the victims but we also see the nature and intentions of a good person who has made a terrible mistake. Furthermore, we understand that consulting licensed counsel immediately may be the only difference between a life sentence and a more reasonable conviction. If you or a loved one has been accused of negligent homicide in California, do not hesitate to contact us online or by calling 619-231-0724 for a free consultation today.