What to Consider if You are Involved in an Auto Accident

What to Consider if You are Involved in an Auto Accident

Experiencing an auto accident can cause serious physical damage that can be potentially long-lasting, requiring continued treatment, and impacting you and your loved ones’ futures. Serious physical injuries can put you and your family into financial jeopardy due to the high cost of continued treatment and time away from work. Behind the obvious physical impacts, there are also the psychological issues and trauma that must be dealt with following a personal injury. If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury due to the negligence of another in the San Diego area you should seek a consultation with a qualified personal injury attorney.


What to Consider if You are Involved in an Auto AccidentScene Assessment

Auto accidents are very sudden events that put victims in a state of shock. Shock and adrenaline usually prevent victims from taking the appropriate steps necessary to be placed on the right path to recovery. The first step to take when you are involved in an auto accident is to perform a scene assessment. Begin to take photographs of the scene, the property damage on both vehicles, as well as the defendant’s information. Be sure that you have a consistent and accurate narrative of the events that happened such as the street you were on, the direction you were traveling in, and the defendant’s location and negligence. Following a full scene assessment, you should get clear photographs of the defendant’s driver’s license, license plate, property damage, registration, and insurance policy. It is critical to your case that you gather this information before you contact a personal injury lawyer to make the intake process as quick as possible. If you are uninsured and involved in a car accident, you will not be eligible for non-economic damages such as emotional trauma and pain and suffering. However, under Proposition 213 you are still entitled to compensation.


What to Consider if you are involved in a Auto AccidentPersonal Assessment

Too many victims of auto accidents do not receive adequate medical treatment for their injuries and miss out on their recovery. The adrenaline rush caused by the shock of a car accident may temporarily delay the pain from injuries and cause you to forgo medical treatment and thus compensation that you deserve. After an accident, you need to assess your personal health and physical wellness to discern your medical needs. Many accident victims are afraid of the exorbitant medical costs of medical treatment and healthcare premiums which may cause them to undertreat. An effective personal injury lawyer can enroll you in medical treatment at no cost to you and ensure that you get just compensation for your injuries. It is important to get medical treatment within the first 72 hours of an accident for a proper medical diagnosis.

A medical diagnosis is necessary to determine how much treatment is necessary to ensure a swift recovery and adequate financial compensation. Most insurance companies deny claims after a 30-day gap in medical treatment which is why it is imperative to attend all medical appointments. If you or a loved one in the San Diego area have been in an auto accident, call the Coastal Legal Center for a free consultation at 619-231-0724.