San Diego Court Martial Military Lawyer – An Overview of Military Defense

Handling Military Law Matters with our Military Defense Attorney in San Diego CA The military has its own justice system, its own judges, and its own rules for conducting trials. Our San Diego court martial military lawyer works from outside the system to protect your rights within the system. We are prepared to represent clients in general and special courts martial as well as advise clients regarding administrative discharges, non-judicial punishment, or captain’s mast. Often, a case charged as a general court-martial can be reduced to a special or summary court martial after an article 32 preliminary examination by an investigating officer.

Military personnel can be charged with criminal offenses in both civilian court and military court, which are two separate Justice Systems. A conviction in either court system will ruin your military career.

Hiring civilian attorneys outside the military system is smart. Hire carefully and look for experience with the Uniform Code of Military justice (UCMJ) as well as the civilian courts. You need an aggressive defense in all civilian or military proceedings. We will defend you in a wide range of military law matters, including:

  • Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Rape, Other Sex-related Charges
  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • AWOL
  • Officer misconduct
  • Positive Urine tests
  • DUI
  • False-positive drug cases
  • All UCMJ charges
  • Homicide

Our attorneys try court-martial cases, many of them leading to findings of “Not Guilty”, others leading to findings and resulting punishments far less severe than the government’s best and last settlement offer.

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If you are in the service and have been charged with a crime in a military or civilian court, please contact Coastal Legal Center for a free initial consultation. We can be reached by phone toll free at 619-984-5992, by e-mail, or by filling out our intake form.

Jerrold Bodow Esq.