Allegations of sexual offenses in the military and how they have been handled (or ignored) has captured the attention of Congress and the Pentagon. They demand that these allegations be handled appropriately. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to false allegations being prosecuted.

Commands are under pressure to file everything now, even concerns that are years old.

If you are charged with any sex-related offense, be aware that your command is under pressure to go forward on the case. Especially if there is a possibility that your C.O’s career is in jeopardy if the claim is not processed.

Our attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of service members, with strong results. We have gotten charges reduced or dismissed and saved careers.

You may find yourself suddenly relieved of your regular duties and placed on TAD.

Important Information For You

  1. Do NOT give any statement. Immediately demand to speak to an attorney.
  2. Do not give oral or written permission to search your phone or computer.
  3. Protect yourself immediately. Call Outside Counsel to Defend You Through This.