San Diego Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Experienced San Diego Accident Attorney Who Rides and Formerly Raced, Representing Motorcyclists and Bicycle Riders

Distracted drivers that fail to see smaller vehicles on the road are a common cause of motorcycle and bicycle accidents. At Coastal Legal Center in San Diego, California, we are committed to providing comprehensive legal representation to victims of bicycle and motorcycle accidents.

Even with most bicyclists wearing helmets and California’s mandatory helmet law for motorcycle riders, head injuries and brain injuries stemming from accidents are fairly common. Some other common injuries include back injuries, chest injuries, and road rash, which can be equated to first degree burns. Since motorcycle riders and bicyclists are so exposed, catastrophic injuries and wrongful death claims can result even from low speed accidents.

Our lead attorney has been riding bikes since he was four years old. Today, he has experience riding and racing both mountain bikes and motocross. He has been handling personal injury matters, including bicycle accident, and motorcycle accident cases for 34 years. When dealing with bicycle and motorcycle accident cases, we focus on the injuries involved and the medical and financial costs associated with those injuries. We strive to optimize the compensation our clients receive for property damage, current and future medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Why Hire San Diego Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a motorcycle or bicycle accident, it is important to speak with a Motorcycle/Bicycle accident attorney in San Diego, CA before discussing the matter with an insurance company representative. Initial settlement offers are often premature and low. Insurance companies often try to close the case early, eliminating any additional compensation you may be entitled to as your injuries progress or when healing is not as complete as hoped.

When necessary, we use our accident reconstruction experts and medical experts to help us demonstrate the cause of an accident and its long-term medical and financial consequences. We are committed to helping ensure our clients have the necessary resources to move forward with their lives.