California Holds Highest Number of Exonerations in the U.S.

California Holds Highest Number of Exonerations in the U.S.

For numerous people around the country, the absolute nightmare of being convicted for a crime they did not commit has become a reality. According to one study, in particular, an estimated 10,000 people may be wrongfully convicted for serious crimes every year throughout the United States. Since 1989, more than 200 wrongful convictions have been overturned in California. This data, as defined by the National Registry of Exonerations, places the Golden State at the top of the list of most overturned convictions in the country.

Wrongfully Convicted in California

As the state which has seen the most overturned convictions in the nation (214 since 1989), most people in California will initially wonder exactly how this has happened. There are often many different reasons why someone who has been convicted is later exonerated or has had their conviction dismissed. The most common reasons are due to factors such as new findings of innocence, insufficient evidence, an ineffective defense, official misconduct, and blatant legal errors.

California Holds Highest Number of Exonerations in the U.S.

Of course, after being arrested for a crime in California, especially one that you did not commit, most people would hope to find a California criminal defense attorney who can prevent a wrongful conviction in the first place. Unfortunately, this has not always been the case and many innocent people have become the victims of a wrongful conviction. Nevertheless, the question of exactly how a criminal case can be pinned on an innocent person remains, and there are several answers.

False Accusations

The first and foremost step that may lead to a wrongful conviction is a false accusation. While we might like to believe that if we are innocent of a crime, we will not be convicted of a crime. The unfortunate truth is that it is actually easy to convict an innocent person. Many details go into each case and in far-too-many instances, people have found themselves the victims of such things as mistaken eyewitnesses and inadequate defense counsel. In fact, mistaken eyewitnesses have been found liable for around 26% of wrongful convictions in California, and 19% of cases have been the products of inadequate defense.

Regardless of the statistics, there are countless reasons why someone may find themselves in such a position. It may be a vengeful spouse or a simple case of the wrong place at the wrong time. In many ways, the exact reason why someone has had charges brought against them is not of the utmost importance, at least not when compared to the need for an experienced, dedicated, and vigilant California criminal defense. Regardless of the reason why you have been falsely accused, obtaining strong and compassionate representation is the key to ensuring your freedom.

California Criminal Defense Attorney

At Coastal Legal Center, we are exceedingly dedicated to our fellow citizens in the state of California. We believe that each and every individual warrants the basic right to the presumption of innocence. Our team works steadfastly on behalf of our clients to ensure the most effective outcome possible. If you have found yourself falsely accused of a crime in California, please don’t hesitate to protect your rights and yourself today by calling 619-231-0724 to schedule a free consultation.