I have so much to write about with this testimonial, but I will keep it simple. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Jerry as an attorney. Jerry worked with me for almost 2 years on a case that was very important to myself and my family. He expressed great concern for my family and I and responded to phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner. From the moment I heard him arguing in my defense during arraignment proceedings, I knew I had had the right man for the job. Though things did not end the way we had hoped they would have gone, Jerry gave me the best possible outcome that I could have asked for. I truly believe there wouldn’t have been another attorney in town that could have negotiated the kind of deal that he did. He is a commanding presence in the court room with extensive legal knowledge, personality and charisma. Jerry is a consummate professional and hopefully I will not require legal services in the future, but if I do, he will be the first and only person I call.

Understand this prior to hiring an attorney; the justice system is not like you see it on television. It is not a race to the finish. You cannot and most likely will not find the answers you are most likely looking for online. Trust Jerry when he tells you what to do, be honest and upfront with him and he will guide you along in the process with your best interests in mind. I’m very certain you are not going to find someone better out there representing you in a system that demands answers.

Kenneth M.

“I am not sure as where to begin with my deep appreciation for Mr. Bodow’s professionalism, dedication, candor, and reliability. We have used him for two cases and found his approach and knowledge to be of the utmost help in resolving these issues. We had originally found him via a Web search when in need of a lawyer. He made himself available to us without delay and worked tirelessly on our behalf to make sure that we had the best possible outcome. His staff is diligent and courteous, and the location is great for the S.D. courthouse. We will continue to rely on him for any additional legal help we will need in the future. We couldn’t be happier with him.”

Alexandra T.

“I would highly recommend this attorney to anyone in San Diego who needs a good criminal defense attorney to represent them. Jerry was easy to get a hold of and responded to my concerns and questions quickly.”

A Criminal Defense client

“I was visiting San Diego for a convention, when I had an accident in my rental car. Mr, Bodow helped me get medical treatment in San Diego, and then followed thru with my doctor and my treatment when i got back home. He coordinated all my insurance benefits so I didn’t have to pay a penny out of my pocket.

He was very aggressive with the other driver’s insurance company and got me a great settlement without my having to return to San Diego. His office always returned my call in a timely manner. I would recommend him to anyone”

A Car Accident client

“I was popped in San Diego on a possession of Marijuana charge and hired Jerry Bodow to represent me in my case. When my case was over, I pled guilty to an infraction of disturbing the peace and a $300.00 fine. I was very happy with the way he handled my case. He was always professional, kept me well informed on my case, and got me a great result.”

A Criminal Defense Client


“I was facing a maximum of nine years in a military prison, a dishonorable discharge, and forfeiture of all pay and allowances. I wasn’t comfortable with having my entire life placed in the hands of my assigned JAG defense attorney. I hired Mr. Bodow and his partner, Mr. Carver to represent me. After hiring Mr. Bodow and Mr. Carver I immediately felt like I had a fighting chance. Leading up to my trial date, Mr. Bodow kept me informed on what was going on in my case. He always proposed what he believed was the best options for my defense, and to why he believed that was the best option. He always let me decide on what option I wanted to proceed with. In court, Mr. Bodow was professional, passionate, trustworthy, and knew what to expect and what to present next.

In the end, based on the evidence , it was my choice and best option to sign a pre-trial agreement. At the sentencing phase, I was sentenced reduction to the grade of E-1, forfeiture of $500 pay per month for 6 months, 45 days confinement, 3 months hard labor, and 2 months base restriction. NO PUNITIVE DISCHARGE, 45 DAYS CONFINEMENT, AND AWARDED CLEMENCY!!

I expected to be confined for at least a year with a bad conduct discharge. I could have still been in military prison right now, but I am not. As a young man, hiring a civilian military attorney was the best and most logical decision I made. I am very thankful for Mr. Bodow and his legal defense team.”

A Military Law client

“If you are looking for a great military defense lawyer Mr. Bodow is who you want fighting for you! I just went through an Administrative Separation Board and we had a unanimous vote to retain me in the Navy. Mr. Bodow and his counter part Mr. Carver are no none-sense, straight forward hard hitters! They probed and questioned every aspect related to my case and had the board members questioning themselves for two hours because of their very well planned strategy and tact. They saved my career and guaranteed a secure future for my family and me.”


“Mr. Bodow is professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and most importantly, RESPECTFUL. I have dealt with my fair share of rude and difficult attorneys, who are both difficult to communicate and work with. Mr. Bodow takes his time out of his busy schedule to address all of my questions and concerns. The staff at his law office is also very polite and friendly; Humberto has gone above and beyond to assist me with my case as well. I would recommend Mr. Bodow to anyone! He helped me with an expungement case back in 2005; it is now 2013 and we are still in touch – he is currently helping me get licensed.”

A Licensing Client