Dealing with Drug Charges in San Diego

Dealing with Drug Charges in San Diego

According to the most recently collected data, approximately 8% of Californians, roughly 2.7 million people, meet the criteria for substance abuse disorder. Millions of people, unfortunately, turn to drugs and alcohol for many various reasons and this has, in turn, created a market for illegal profit. When this information is combined with the fact that around 7.5 million Californians live in poverty, then it is likely no surprise that millions of otherwise good people may turn to illegally distributing narcotics as a means to an end. After making the doomed decision to sell drugs in San Diego, many people will inevitably end up facing California drug offense charges soon afterward.

Drug Use and Charges in San Diego County

An average of 426,000 people over the age of 12-years-old in the San Diego area are reported to indulge in at least one illicit substance every year. Illegal narcotics, including illegally distributed prescription drugs, are not sold at the local store so anyone who decides to take such a substance must purchase it from a private seller. Unfortunately, selling illegal drugs has become a lucrative market for those who wish to take the chance, and this is no different in California than anywhere else.

Dealing with Drug Charges in San Diego

Despite the serious risks of lengthy jail sentences and high financial penalties, many good people will still find themselves selling drugs for a variety of reasons. During the time following an arrest, which is all but completely guaranteed, it becomes immediately important to understand the seriousness of the charges against you. Consulting a skilled San Diego drug offense attorney is the first step you should take as they can quickly help you begin building your defense.

First and foremost, you will need to fully understand the gravity of the charges against you. Of course, the type of narcotic and the amount of which you have been accused of possessing, cultivating, or distributing in California is the first point to understand. Merely being in possession of a small amount of any illegal substance for personal use generally comes with a much less stark penalty than perhaps being accused of trafficking large quantities.

Nevertheless, it is almost equally significant to recognize that in the event of multiple charges or being a repeat offender, the consequences can be absolutely severe. No matter what, however, it is essential to build a San Diego criminal defense with the assistance of representation who can thoroughly explain the charges against you. You and your California defense attorney will then map out a strategy moving forward.

Obtaining a San Diego Drug Offense Attorney

At Coastal Legal Center, we are exceedingly dedicated to our fellow citizens of San Diego, as well as the entire state of California, and we believe that each and every individual warrants the basic right to the presumption of innocence. We work on behalf of our clients to ensure the most effective outcome in order to prevent otherwise good people from traveling down the long dark path through a complicated criminal justice system. If you have found yourself charged with a drug offense in California, please don’t hesitate to begin protecting yourself today by calling 619-231-0724 to schedule a free consultation.