Where to Turn Following a Drug Offense in California

Where to Turn Following a Drug Offense in California

Although California has long passed the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, there are still many ways to find yourself charged with illegal possession in the golden state. Albeit, those particular charges have dwindled significantly, leaving many other drug offenses in California in the continuous spotlight. It is crucial to understand the path ahead of you in the event that you are facing any drug-related charges, big or small.

Range of California Drug Offenses

As it is with nearly every crime, the outcome of your case may largely depend on the seriousness of the offense. When it comes to drug charges in California, there are several types of offenses that may come with their own specific standards. While hiring a California criminal defense attorney will likely be your first step no matter what, let’s take a moment to understand what will follow.

Different Types of Drug Charges

Where to Turn Following a Drug Offense in California

Three of the most common drug charges include possession, possession with intent to sell, and possession of paraphernalia. In California, the seriousness of these charges may greatly vary depending on the substance or type of paraphernalia. Generally speaking, however, and assuming the quantity of the substance is relatively small, the charges for these types of offenses should be among the least severe.

Manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, trafficking, and transportation, on the other hand, may likely come with extremely serious consequences up to and including long, stringent jail sentences. In California, like any other state, the type and quantity of the substance will play a role as well, but the battle ahead will likely be a lot more difficult than those lesser offenses. The most important thing to understand, regardless of the charge, is that only a skilled California drug offense attorney can assist you through the process and fight for your freedom.

What a California Criminal Defense Attorney can do for You

For most people who are generally honest and hard-working, facing a drug offense in California can be a terrifying and turbulent process. The first step after acquiring representation is to explore your legal options, and a qualified California criminal defense attorney will be able to map out your best strategies with ease.

Of course, the most successful avenue will likely be one that is able to prove your innocence in relation to the charges against you. It is important to understand, however, that even though you might be entirely innocent, proving it in a court of law is not always as easy as it should be. With drug charges in particular, which often occur while one is undeniably in possession of a substance, other defense options are commonly required.

At Coastal Legal Center, we are highly committed to the fellow citizens of California, and we firmly believe that each and every individual deserves the basic right to presumption of innocence. We work adamantly on behalf of our clients to ensure the most successful outcome possible. If you have found yourself charged with a drug offense in California, please don’t hesitate to call 619-231-0724 and schedule a free consultation today.